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Two new pages up for Above The Clouds! Poor Eily… I think she has had enough.
Chapter 2 - Page 20 | New readers start here!
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I used to have 6 cats. Now I have 4.

Feeding 6 cats a strict diet was really hard, and most often resulted in chaos and injuries, so I switched to open feeding. Predictably, they gained weight. Like, a lot of weight.

So, I decided that I should switch from the cheap walmart stuff…

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by Jana Cruder
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I don’t care that JKR changed her mind

I don’t care that Harmione shippers are dancing the conga and that Romione shippers feel betrayed

I care that, once again, poor Ron gets the bloody short end of the stick.

He spent six and a half books/seven movies feeling he was second best at everything and finally shines and proves himself, ends up with the girl and the respect he deserves only to be told years later that it is a mistake….


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Anonymous sent: Do you ship elsanna (Elsa/Anna) from Frozen? They're sisters but the act like girlfriends wow.


I don’t ship incest, just NO

why is it every relationship has to be turned into a romantic one? even those who are meant to be sibling relationships? like, those aren’t any less important you know._.

I don’t see their love for each other in a romantic way and I will never be able to.

I wish people would stop with the incest shipping. I mean, would YOU date or have sex with YOUR brother/sister. I am pretty certain the answer is no. So, why ship people who are siblings? :/

This confuses me to no end.

People can have relationships with other people without it being sexual. Society is so fucked up… :(

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Tried to draw a character from the book my brother is writing. Not sure if it’s any good or not. Clothes are hard to draw, okay? D:

Character: My brother.
Art: Mine

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wacom what

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This happened to me with the old Graphire Tablet. Although I ended up finding the old drivers for it, they don’t work(or I couldn’t get them to work) on my Windows 8 Laptop. So now I’m going to have to buy an entirely new Tablet. Which sucks because they’re not entirely cheap… T_T Woe is me.

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